3 most landing page optimization mistakes that are crippling your business


The first thing that the vast majority people think when they need to promote their online business is to increase their website traffic. Along these lines they concentrate on getting more links, spending more on publishing, accomplishing better Search Engine Rankings, converting more active in Social Media and utilizing different methods that can help them build up the number of their visitors. But is this forever the right way? Absolutely not! Before spending all of your resources on attempting to obtain expensive traffic, you should first ask yourself: “Are my home pages optimized? Do they help me make a business?”


That is why in this blog we spoke of the 3 most common Landing Page Optimization mistakes and we get over how these problems influence the online business operation:


Too much information

Many landing pages often show far too much information about the product and leave the user have confused. For example, if you’re asking the user to do a simple task like signing up for a downloading a free e-book, your home page should be clear and succinct with only essential information contained.

It can be frustrating for the users who are visiting your home page if you are not simple about what you are providing and what you wish them to do. So make it clear and show them who you are and what you do.


Cluttered design

A number of people don’t make enough of an impression with their landing pages. If you don’t have a web designer in your business, then it is advisable to hire a website designer or outsource your work to a virtual assistant to help you to develop your landing page as per the trends.

Each landing page should be clear, simple, and apparently designed to serve visitors quickly understand where everything is and how to operate around.


Irrelevant visuals

A strong quality picture sounds professional and provokes the curiosity of the spectators. An apparently random or poor-quality picture will only cause laughter.

A perfect landing page can express the difference between an utterly useless advertisement and an extraordinarily powerful one. By withdrawing these 3 common mistakes you can ensure that you get the needed result and understand your business go from potency to strength.

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Author – Agniswar Banerjee, Global Business Development Lead at Tasksbay


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