We often use “Web Design” and “Web Development” interchangeably, but what is the difference?
In general (If asked earlier), Web Designers design the website for worldwide web, wherein, Web Developers develop a website for the internet through writing markup and coding.
At present,

Web designers have an understanding of HTML, CSS, JavaScript and there are web designers with coding skills, though it is not required for all web designer positions unlike the web developers working on websites functionality which requires efficient coding to make it user-friendly.
If I say, “A Website Designed for Each”
You may not know, what I exactly want to convey, although I promise, you will understand it by the end of this article.
In case if you are looking to hire Virtual Web professionals for Web Designing and Web Development then you must know the difference between the two and the skills which each one acquires in order to perform a particular set of tasks for your business.
Let’s go in depths to understand better!
Web Design
Since, the start of 21st century, it is very hard to imagine the world of the internet without animations, different style of fonts, typography and effective backgrounds. Web Design has evolved in the recent years and it has changed the way how sites are designed.
Web design is considered as a process of producing websites. It includes several aspects such as creating webpage layout, content production, and web graphic design. Web designers use markup language such as HTML to define the content and metadata of all pages. Web Designers use standardized tools and software depending upon the part of production process they are involved in.
Web Development
Web Development is the term, broadly associated with the tasks involved in developing a website for the internet. It encompasses developing single page application and complex web-based internet application services. Web developers develop both basic and advanced websites layout and interactive website features. The web development process includes web designing, content development of websites, client-side and server-side scripting, coding and much more.
As a part of their job role, they work on making the sites functional on all web browsers through coding and programming. Web development mainly involves the non-designing aspect of building websites that also includes writing markup.

The key points to spot the alikeness
1. Web Design and Web Development professionals require programming language based on the part of work they are assigned to do.
2. Web design and Web development mainly focus towards the results from the point of view of an end user.
The differentiation
1. While hiring a Web Designer, the hiring company or manager may show interest to see portfolio i.e., Dribble or Behance Profile but the Hiring manager look out for code in case of a Web Developer.
(Both the actions include the professionals Github profile)
2. Web Designers acquire creativity and artistic skills, wherein, web developers tend to be analytical.

Web Design is a Part of Web Development.

Now coming to the phrase, the differences, and similarities mentioned above convey that Web Designers design the websites and web developers at the same time work towards the development of the website. The web designers and web developers work together on the websites to make it user-friendly for the clients or you can say end users. Therefore, web designers and developers together design and develop websites which are easy to understand and use for all of us.


Author – Agniswar Banerjee, Global Business Development Lead at Tasksbay



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Manish Nair · November 10, 2017 at 11:53 am

Nice informative blog. Thanks for sharing such informative & helpful blog.

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