Have you ever thought how your clients communicate with your website? Have you tried to open your business website on your tablet or smartphone? Does your website respond to the screen size of your phone? If not, you are losing clients. To overcome from this problem, here is a solution for it, which is responsive web design.


The Responsive web design term is related to the concept of developing a website design in a form that supports the layout to make turns into according to the user’s computer screen resolution. It suitably fixes on the smartphone and tablet screen. This particular designing method we denominate “responsive design”.


Responsive web design is also highly recommended by Google, it allows a website to give a good user-experience across many screen sizes, and it also makes managing your SEO strategy easier. Getting a website that is responsive in design means a site for all electronic devices. There is no requirement for a separate mobile website develop, which saves you money. Time is another significant aspect here, one website to modernize, market and manage. Saving you both money and time.



Benefits of responsive web design?

Here are some of the benefits of responsive web design

Pretty simple to manage


Having a separate desktop and mobile site requires having separate SEO campaigns. Managing one site and one SEO operation is very easier than working two websites and two SEO operations.


Excellent user experience

While content is king and determines the power of content are foremost success metrics, it is the user experience that allows visitors to use the content on any website through the device of their selection and decision, anytime.



Just as a quick spread out or takes in to agree to its content to fill an assigned place and maintain its appearance, responsive web design’s fluidity brings out the same effect with website content on a device screen.


Enhance sales and conversion rates

Another benefit of responsive design is that the customer has a developed site experience as there is no essential for redirection, use of standardized Style Sheets (CSS) across devices and unified design method will also generate a consistent appearance and feel.


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Author – Agniswar Banerjee, Global Business Development Lead at Tasksbay


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