Highly Productive people don’t try to do all the work themselves.

(The secret behind their productivity)

Delegating work is not as easy as it sounds and can be a challenge for startups and small businesses. Companies hire virtual assistants to outsource the daily business task. The trick here is that you work on what matters more and let others perform the task which is not necessary.


Essential Tasks to outsource to make your business grow rapidly:


  1. Digital Marketing

The importance of Digital Marketing cannot be denied. Virtual Assistants offers SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Services, Pay-Per Click Management, and Social Media Marketing services. Digital marketing is the most efficient way to spread awareness about your brand, products, and services you offer as well as to increase your websites ranking on the search engines. Virtual Assistance ensures managing your social media accounts frequently and doesn’t let you miss out any opportunities.


  1. E-Mail Marketing

E-Mail Marketing also consumes time therefore, Virtual Assistants are the best options to handle your business’s E-Mail marketing campaigns, it helps to generate leads, connect with clients which ultimately leads towards business growth.


  1. Data Mining

Virtual Assistants are highly required for data mining, the data mining tasks include data entry services, data conversion, and data processing services. Data Mining Services requires time and efforts, therefore virtual assistants deal with data and transform it into information to make your work easy and ensure you receive better and detailed services at a low cost.


  1. Admin Services

Administrative Services are the base of Virtual Assistance. Virtual Assistants offer a wide range of services under this category, it includes official as well as personal tasks so that you can concentrate on important tasks. It is helpful to increase your business productivity. Admin Services undertake accounts management, personnel management, office administration etc.


  1. Brand Consistency

Services like Catalog Designing, Logo Designing, and Brochure Designing are an essential part to maintain your brand consistency. You require particular skills to perform these tasks and hiring a permanent employee to perform these activities may cost you more. Experienced Virtual Assistants can perform these activities and create the brand image to make a difference.


Here are some of the mistakes you must avoid while working with a Virtual Assistant,


  • Failing to assign the right task to your Virtual Assistant
  • Avoiding reviewing the work performed by your Virtual Assistant
  • Not making any assistant’s manual which leads to unsystematic flow of work


Virtual Assistants has the ability to increase the productivity of your business, but only if you utilize their time and skills. You cannot benefit enough, if you don’t realize the capability of a hired Virtual Assistant. Therefore, it’s important to build healthy relationship with your virtual assistant just like an on the job employee.


Author -Chithra JL, Business Analyst at Tasksbay

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