Why paper still rule your business? Cut back on your paper usage and enjoy the privileges of Tasksbay!!


Aspire to lessen your overhead by 50 – 60 percent? Switch from paper to electronic records. Our research reported that around 70 – 80% of an organization’s processes are yet being managed on paper and we also identified that, searching through paper records can take up as much as 30% of worker production time. Lots of data processing is engaged in the day-to-day business, it’s a very easy task, but generally takes us lots of time to be completed. To overcome from this, Tasksbay is here to serve you in all varieties of document processing related businesses and to assuage your burden and get to those things you just don’t have the time to do.


At Tasksbay, we are committed to helping our clients to take electronic solutions for their outsourced activity. Going paper free is fast and efficient. It takes out costs and increases operational control. Our team of specialists in data mining/ administration services will handle all types of document as required. Thus, lots of your precious and valuable time is saved using our virtual services and you can spend that time for your other needs and requirements.


The world of virtual assistants awaits you. It is an awesome place that will make your life vastly easier. Don’t be worried to outsource your work. We are the leaders in the migration of data from paper to electronic for that too in an efficient and effective manner. Going paperless is a transform, and with the appropriate preparation and handling solutions, the ROI on making a paperless work will outshine any standard paper-based system.


We’ve gathered some of our paperless services to assist you get success. This will enhance the security of documents and increase client satisfaction. Lessening bulky paper is just the beginning of the payoff. Not only will the change to a paperless work enhance organizational productivity, but it will also:


  • Cut down expenses of paper related activities
  • Allow for less time spent checking for paper information.
  • Enhance reply time to consumers.
  • Refocus staff onto other important managerial tasks.


Other benefits to having digital documents consist of the capacity to access your documents from anywhere (if you’re keeping data in the cloud) and the added efficiency of being able to search for records using keywords. You can also restrict the access to just particular employees in case of secret records.


For more info about our services, please visit www.tasksbay.com

or contact support@tasksbay.com

Author – Sudhindra Naik,  GBD Lead

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